Monday, January 22, 2018


Minneapolis is getting its first real snow today--this is a real storm, with double digit totals for most of the metro area.  As I think about it, this is the first major snow fall since I have been in the area--we have had snow, but nothing like this.

I went for a walk around my neighborhood to take these and I told a friend that I have taken these photos many times before--probably 20 times or more before.  Every big snowfall deserved at least a few feature photos and I often took them.  What I did discover today is that this isn't nearly as much fun when you are not getting paid for it or when you have to use your own vulnerable cameras.  I made it about six blocks and then asked myself, "Self, what are you doing?"  I am not the sharpest knife but I made it back to my drawer toot sweet.  According to real weather people, snow was falling at the rate of 2+ inches per hour.  I really thought that there was a lot of snow on the lens or something as these don't appear as sharp as they should.  They are sharp and in focus, but there was just lots of snow in front of the lens.

I am sure that since the snow will be around for a bit and it is "pretty" out, I will find a few more photos in the next few days.

Friday, November 10, 2017

More stuff...

In a rare get-together, a small group of Leader-Telegram veterans met up and had lunch.  I feel pretty lucky to be in the company of such photographers--between us, there is more than 100 years of photojournalism history and experience.  That is kind of fun and helps explain why lunch was three hours long.  I was lucky enough to say that I had my photo taken by David Joles, no small thing.  Brenda, our waitress, took the group shot.  Dan Reiland, the young looking guy, was curious about whether or not a lens was sharp and I guess that the milkweed pod confirms that the lens is indeed sharp.  Steve Kinderman, the other person pictured, mentored and guided us all--what a great boss to have for almost 20 years.

Travels and adventures...

You know, when I think of going on a trip, I think first, I think, of which cameras to take.  I know, that is a lot of thinking and other thoughts do cross my mind.  On a recent trip to England and Wales, I thought I would take lots of photos and take lots of photos on film.  That just didn't happen.  Most of the trip was in a car, and the roads in rural Wales (that is kind of redundent) are simply not conducive to pulling over and taking a photos.  I wanted and planned for my previous experience as a Country Today photographer, but what I ended up with were snapshots.

Snapshots are fine, I guess but these ended up to be pretty pictures without conveying any real sense of place.  That is fine--I was more looking for experiences than picture to put on a wall and experiences were certainly had.  Driving an SUV on very narrow curvy roads may have been an experience that shaved a few years off my life.  I think I said some very bad words on several occasions.  The weather was good, at least for October in the United Kingdom.  Company was great and no one was left at a rest area or sent to the Ruislips, to either East or West Ruislip.  The beer was as usual fantastic.  My camera monger in Portobello had a camera that I wanted and could afford, and accommodations were great, except for way too many stairs!  It was verdant (green, too!) and vibrant and the sheep and dogs were cute and photographically cooperative.  Without a doubt a very good trip.

The serious work of finding work with a steady paycheck continues and is ramping up.  I interviewed this week so I have at least a 12.5% chance of that turning out positively.  Those are decent odds, I hope.  It is easier to focus and settle down on task in part because of necessity but also because of the weather.  Single digits with a wind chill so it feels like December, but we still haven't had much measurable snow.  We will see what adventures the new season will bring.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It has seemed longer than it's been

I suppose that three weeks since my last blog isn't that long, but it seems that it has been longer.  Maybe because so many things seem to happening at once.  Days are shorter, temperatures are different, flowers and leaves are changing, among other changes.  Heck, it is so different that even I am a year older.  Yep, another trip around the sun for me.  Hey, it takes longer with a walker!  I suppose that I am more viral than virile, but all in all, life is not too bad.  And no, there isn't a walker in my life.  I am waiting until I find some tennis balls before I roll that bad boy out!

In between posts was the Minnesota State fair.  Labeled by some as "America's Get Together" it is an impressive even.  The fair saw near record attendance this year though on the day of my attendance I was almost alone as only 225,000 of my friends were there.  Food was eaten, food was spilled upon myself, and miles were walked, so it was all pretty fun.

I tried to explain to someone  about how many hours I have spent in fairgrounds but she was unimpressed.  Until I told her that I did milking contests and once even beat Alice in Dairyland!  The media horde also used to watch hours of cow judging and got to know some of the key traits of the cows and steers but also of the judges.  Bets were made and won on the best udders and presentation of them, as well as the shoulders and shanks and other bits of other things.  Yep, a Ph.D. and an education by Arnie Hoffman and the Country Today!  Trends of course change, even in cow judging.  In the past, some judges wanted totally smooth cows, but it seems this year they want cows with slight mohawks near their tails.  Who knew?   I will have to talk to my barber about that.  Of course anything that enhances cow butts is a good thing--why do I find cow butts photogenic?  Probably we shouldn't even go there...

Today was a beautiful day for a walk with great light.  My neighborhood is great for days like this and I love how the light can change from minute to minute.  I think I can thank the changing seasons for both the light and the changing flora.  There are still a few splashes of color but soon color will only be seen in fallen leaves.